Agony / EcstasyEcstasy

An anthology edited by Jane Litte of Dear Author which features original stories of agonizing pleasure and exquisite pain, including J.K. Coi's CAGED - a painful love story where, in the dark, nothing and everything has changed.

(Also participating: Meljean Brook, Margaret Rowe, HelenKay Dimon, Jill Myles and many more)

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The familiar thrill rushed through her—the only thing she seemed to ever feel anymore. And despite herself…only here, only with him.

It had gotten stronger as the intensity of their sessions increased during the last few weeks. She took her life in her hands every time she locked herself in here. The cell might hold him. The drugs might distract him, and without direct access to the moon’s compelling power his wolf might be marginally weaker. But he still topped her five feet eight by more than a foot. He still came with built-in weapons of razor teeth and pointed claws, the cunning viciousness of a wild animal, and the desperate determination of a caged one.

And she didn’t care.